Luc Smeets

Grow Activitree towards a forest

Marketing Ninja

Doménique Wissink

I love to create, build and communicate. Activitree allows me to use all of the above!

Creative Branch

Ivan Pimenov

Visiting and organizing activities is part of our life that makes it interesting and colorful.


Shelby Hendrickx

Shelby one of the members of the Activitree team is always down for an Activity!

Wiz Kid

Moshe Sijben

Love planting seeds for Activitree!


Fred Manders

I love using my wizardry to make it easier for people to do more of what they love

Founder/Wizard of the codes

Tessy Willems

Life's most beautiful moments and meaningful connections exist out of sharing what you love.

Chief Lead Ambassador

Alisa Afkhami

My goal is to make sure the Activitree app is easy and fun for you to use

UX/UI Designer

Meet our team!


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