Do fun-size activities you love

Become an Activitree Ambassador! Do you want to help us empower people to #GoTogether to do more fun-size activities they love? Then become an ambassador! We want to help you do what you enjoy, create activities, and have a great time. Meanwhile, you’ll help build the Activitree community that loves doing activities. You will join the special Ambassador task force in your city with fun get togethers and you will be in direct contact with the team.


We’ll support you and the activities you’d like to organize. Whether that’s insider tips, ideas, a one-person cheer quad or co-organizers. We’re to help you do more fun-size activities.


Nerd out about your favorite artist, explore your inner coffee snob, or frisbee like there’s no tomorrow. As an ambassador you’ll join a group of enthusiastic movers, shakers and noise-makers.


Become a leader in your community and help each other grow a sustainable community. If you organize an activity then we’ll help you find people to join. #Gotogether, do what you love, share experiences, support others and let’s create a more offline connected world.

What is Activitree?

Hi, we’re Moshe and Fred, founders of Activitree. We started the mission to empower everybody to #GoTogether to do fun-size activities they love whenever, wherever. We believe that your social-life shouldn’t be limited; you should be able to go out and do what you love every day with people who are as enthusiastic as you are. Activitree helps people do what they enjoy, together! If you’ve been living in a city for decades, or just arrived, Activitree is for you and everyone like you.


We know there are many social apps out there already. Our mission is to go beyond simply creating online connections. We want to help people meet in real life, easily and organically. Activitree was created to be accessible, inclusive, independent, and playful.

What we're looking for

You’re thrilled about doing activities 

Think of Food, TV & Movies, Drinks, Coffee, Nightlife & Dancing, Sports & Wellness, Music, Games or Learning & Culture.

You love to create fun-size activities for other people

We’ll help you organize two (or more) of your favorite activities each month.

You like to gather more like-minded people

You’ll plan, promote and host your activities, which means you should know how to uncork a wine bottle or probably hold a fun conversation.

Let’s grow the Activitree together!


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